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Teachers and students from University of Virginia visited

2013-3-8    通讯员:外事办    点击数:1540

June 9th, 27 students from University of Virginia and their group leader Dr. James Maxham visited our school.

They arrived at 12:00 at noon, so they had a trandisional Sichuan food at school. ‘This is the best luch I had in China.’ Kate said. After the meal, they attended a welcome meeting held by Foreign Affair Office. Principle Zhang and Principle Yang showed their walm welcome and gave the School brochures and the students publication about English pose and poetry to the visiters as a gift. Zhouli, the leader in FAO, introduced the history of the school and also the school lives of the teachers’. Two students from Grade 8 showed American friends their colorful lives in the school. And the visitors were attracted by the introduction aboout living in China by Fraser Henderson, our foreign teacher and also their schoolmate. Then, 58 students from Class 16, Grade 8 showed the visitors around the school. 

In the afternoon, the visitors observed two classes in our school, one is an oral English lesson by Mr. Henderson and the other one is an English lesson by a Chinese teacher, Liu Jie. “It’s amazing that the class for 7th graders is delivered all by English. And the students are smart and creative.” Dr. James said.

Though it was time to leave, the visitors wanted to stay with the students longer and know more about Chinese school lives. Principle Zhang welcomed them to visit our school again, and Dr. James showed their thanks and he said he would like to visit our school next year with some new friends.

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