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No. 7 Yucai Middle School

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  No. 7 Yucai Middle School


1. A Rich History, A Superior Education


       In 1997 Yucai School opened its doors. Officially called Yucai School Attached to Chengdu No. 7 High School, Yucai’s history nevertheless extends back to 1957.  In that year, the growing city of Chengdu established No. 7 High School, the predecessor of today’s Yucai. During the next forty years, the school expanded and altered its name, and was for a time known as No. 35. With guidance from the Chengdu Education Bureau, the school was reorganized again in 1997 to keep pace with its rapidly developing environment. Today Yucai sits under the jurisdiction of the Education Bureau of Chengdu’s Jinjiang District. Yucai is proud to rank first not only in its city but also in Sichuan province; its influence now extends throughout Western China.   

       Yucai Middle School educates boys and girls in the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades. Each grade holds approximately 1,000 students for a total enrollment of just over 3,000 students spread across 50 classrooms. Many of the 203 faculty have received local and national recognition for their teaching excellence: fifty-six are considered “Advanced Teachers” ; twelve have been recognized as “Excellent Young Teachers”; nine are trustees or core members of provincial and municipal education committeesfive have been selected to be “Exemplary Academicians” ; and two have merited “Top Level” classification. Yucai’s faculty actively participate in a variety of teaching competitions, delivering model lectures and sample classes across the city, province, and country using the newest and most recent methods and texts. The school’s standout faculty have lectured to peer audiences more than 200 times.

Yucai’s influence extends beyond Chengdu and into rural China through its participation in “Long-distance, Real-time” programs.  Since 2005, multimedia technology broadcasts Yucai’s model classrooms to more than 8,000 students in more than one hundred schools in Yunan, Guizhou, Tibet and Sichuan provinces.  In 2008 Yucai affiliated with two satellite campuses, Sansheng and Xuedaojie  Middle Schools, in an effort to share the success of its teaching model. More than 3,000 colleagues from around the world travel annually to Yucai in order to learn and exchange.   


2. A Vibrant Campus, Ideal Maturing Grounds


Since Yucai’s first class graduated in 2000, the school’s recipe for middle school education has proven tremendously successful, and the citizens of Chengdu have grown to trust its reputation.  Numerous local, regional and national awards attest to Yucai’s brand of excellence.  Yucai has ranked first in Sichuan province both in number of student participants and also in awards won in national mathematics, physics, chemistry, and information science (信息学) contests. Its students also stand out in arts and athletics. They participate in groups such as the Etiquette Club, the Flag-Raising Squad, Symphonic Band, the volleyball team, the campus radio station, and the Literary Society. The school’s orchestra has been invited to perform for numerous occasions, and the volleyball team frequently represents Chengdu and Sichuan in sporting competitions.

For over a decade, students from more than one hundred primary schools across every district of Chengdu have been attracted to Yucai for its familial environment, its nurturing peace, and for its widely-respected academic excellence. Yucai students are taught to become good learners. But they are also encouraged to become innovators, athletes, and wise decision-makers. The school spirit revolves around four qualities in particular that are loosely translated as Health, Civility, Intelligence and Magnanimity . 

Every year Chengdu’s Number Seven High School sends nearly one hundred students to Qinghua, Peking University and similarly elite Chinese universities. Two-thirds of these students graduated from Yucai Middle School. Among Yucai’s graduates, dozens have also matriculated to prestigious universities outside of China including Harvard, Stanford, Yale, and Oxford. 

In order to enable students to improve their abilities and to expand their individual strengths, Yucai has organized a colorful series of student activities:

Annual Series:

7th Grade: Conventional Etiquette, Manual Chores, and The Four Focuses of Learning

(learning personal integrity, learning to be fit, learning to learn, learning to cooperate).


8th Grade: Adolescent Education, and National Defense and Military Training;

9th Grade: Persistence Leads to Success and Mental Well-Being Education.

Fall Semester: School-wide educational activities and topics include Respect Teachers & Love

Your Education, Patriotism, Volleyball Month, Safety & Self-Defense, Fall Sports Day, Campus Arts Festival, and Legal Education Awareness Week.


Spring Semester: School-wide educational activities and topics will include Safety & Self-

Defense, Respect for One’s Elders, Mental Health Awareness Week, Science & Technology Month, and Preventing Drug Use.


3. Organized Coursework, Systematic Management


To meet the diverse developmental and learning needs of the student body, Yucai instituted an educational philosophy of "strive to deliver the education most suited to the students." It was formed to help students recognize "the joy of learning, purposeful development, and happy maturation" as worthy pursuits. To fully exhibit independence and excellence in school management, to actively promote curriculum reform, and, to the greatest extent possible, to fulfill the diverse needs of the student body, Yucai has constructed a curricular system composed of compulsory, elective, and activity courses.

Nearly fifty elective or activity courses are being offered during the 2009-2010 academic year. They include: Yucai Forum – Mr. Xu Discusses History, Parents Forum, Rhythmic Gymnastics and Dance, See the World (through countries like Japan, Korea, Nepal, & Germany), Theories & Opinions, Psychology is Fun, Tang Customs & Song Rhymes, Needlework & Sewing, Interactive Mathematics, Hosting & Hospitality, Chinese Characters and Calligraphy, Marketing in English, Revealing the Secrets of Magic, Women’s Chorus, Patterns of the Air & Sea, Taekwondo, and Fun Physics Experiments among others. The students have warmly welcomed these new course offerings.

4. Multi-faceted Exchange, Expanding Horizons


In recent years the school has sought to expand students’ horizons through international scholastic exchange. Every year, teachers, school leaders and students from the United States, Singapore, South Korea and other countries visit Yucai to exchange ideas about education and pedagogy. Yucai’s teachers and students regularly participate in study abroad programs. Every year some students attend summer camps outside of China to increase their experience, knowledge, and abilities.


To further expand the breadth of the school’s international outlook, Yucai has been pleased to acquire a full-time foreign teacher and to have launched oral language courses. These courses complement the four other international See the World course offerings that include Enter Nepal, Touring Through Germany, Understanding Japan, and Meet Korea. Specially invited foreign teachers lecture in these classes about their own countries on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Students are taught about local customs, special holidays, native music, sports and exercise, cuisine, famous sites, etc. The students have warmly embraced these courses, which are presented using a variety of multimedia formats including photos, movies, and powerpoint presentations.


At Yucai students, teachers, and administrators aim to “Ascend to the highest point and soar from there” .  Yucai’s campus intends to be a place where arts meet sciences, where teachers and students interact with familial warmth, and where the realms of technological, environmental, and humanistic knowledge convene harmoniously. This setting will be a exemplary one where education is advanced, administrative management is efficient, curricular systems are comprehensive, faculty are highly professional, research is active, students are growing, teaching styles are distinguished, school grounds are aesthetic, and renown, both provincially and nationally, remains justly merited.


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